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Co-create a game with us & learn about climate change and food security!

Malaysians may not be too bothered if we're told that the average temperature will rise by 1.5°C in 50 years' time, but would most probably be anxious if we were told that we might not be able to have our beloved Nasi Lemak ever again! Food is the key to a Malaysian’s heart. Given the possible reduction in rice production, fish stock, and egg production due to heavy precipitation, flood, temperature rise, ocean warming, and heat stress in chickens, we see the food system as an entry point to climate change.

<aside> 🌾 Time To RICE is a series of Co-creating & Gamifying Climate Science Communication Workshops aiming to cultivate the general public's proclivity to engage in climate crisis through the co-creation of modular and transferable science communication material



🌳Background story

⏲️TimetoRICE Workshops





TimetoRICE workshops use rice as an entry point to brainstorm climate change-related events and actions in relation to food security, inviting participants on a fun, interactive, and collaborative mission to save Nasi Lemak. Through seven chapters of the gamified co-creation workshop, participants will be able to understand key concepts and develop possible actions that could be taken by these characters to address climate change. These workshops would help us to crowdsource ideas for a potential TimetoRICE board game in the future.

Participants are invited to role play as a character in the rice supply chain including:

<aside> 🏭 Input Supplier


<aside> 👨🏽‍🌾 Farmers


<aside> ⏳ Millers


<aside> 🚛 Wholesalers


<aside> 🛒 Retailers


<aside> 💰 Consumers


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